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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Lost Art of Jewelry Cleaning

Who knew?  One of my rings was looking a little dull so while I was out this morning I decided to pop into one of the many jewelry shops near the Market.  I was led to the back of the shop and was introduced to what I can only assume is the lost art of cleaning the shiny stuff.  I'm not kidding.  My ring just had the jewelry equivalent of a day spa!

Firstly the piece was assessed and a plan formulated.

It was then give a good polish.

He then wrapped a piece of copper wire around it and dunked it in this concoction.  Don't ask, I have no idea. It bubbled away in it's little spa for a good 3 minutes, raising out for a breath and an inspection every so often.
He then went all mad professor on me.  He attached in to a machine, twiddled the dials and rotated it through 3 different science beakers filled with I have no idea what.

I kid you not....he then gave it a blow dry.  Talk about a happy ending! (well if I am totally honest it was not THAT happy because he dried it with toilet paper).
And there you have it.  One sparkly ring ready to go in under 15 minutes.  How much for this incredible jewelry day spa I hear you ask.  50,000VND.  Thats about $2.50.  I KNOW!  If you are over here on a holiday it might be worth spending a few bucks and getting your stuff cleaned.  I have no idea what it would cost back in Aus but I doubt it's less than $2.50!

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