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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diamond Plaza used to look like this.....

Well all know Diamond Plaza right?  Well, who would have thought that it used to be this......

Ahhh.....the good old days.  I would love to be able to be transported back it time and spend a day wandering around the city as it was in this era.  It all appears very classy!


  1. This is where my dad bought his Renault R10 back in '70s. Beautiful wht 4 dr sedan.

  2. That is SO cool! Do you remember it?

  3. Sure. My dad used to park inside the house and it was a small car compare to today Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. He didn't want to park at nearby garage reason of security issue. He loved that car. After the war in '75, my dad listened to my uncle who was a Communist party member to sell it to a North Vietnamese general 'cause of fear being label a "Capitalist". I'll have to search
    the old family photo albums for it.


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