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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bazaar Coffee Lounge - Hookah's in Saigon

I LOVE ducking down the many small hems that line the bigger roads of Saigon.  You just never know what you are going to find.  I feel like a little kid exploring the local neighbourhood.  Today as I was walking down Dong Du St in D1 I spied a hem I had not been down yet.  So off I went....
I was in hot pursuit of this little old lady, who may have looked old but moved like a ninja!

Came to what looked like a dead end then noticed the sign at the top.

One set of doors

 and one set of curtains later I found the funkiest little Shisha Bar! (Those of you who thought this post was about ladies of the night...shame on you!)

Along with this stunning range of Shisha pipes there were coffee shop styled items to eat on the menu.

Can't wait to come back and try it one night.  Not sure how smoky it would get in there though.  There did not appear to be any windows.  They tell me they are open until 0200.  
Then it was back out into the hustle and bustle of Dong Du.

Bazaar Coffee and Lounge
23B Dong Du St
Ben Nghe Ward
District 1   HCMC
08 3822 0034


  1. Gonna miss this blog when you return to Oz. Our little family (myself, my wife, our gorgeous 2 year old daughter) will probably never have the opportunity to live in Vietnam, as much as we would like to, but will just have to visit again for the fifth time.


  2. Aw thanks Jack! What a lovely compliment. So glad you enjoy it. Lets hope you get back for a visit soon. As I'm sure you know, it's a great place for kids. Your little one will love it!

  3. Hi Dani

    When we last visited our daughter was just 7 months old. You can imagine how much the locals fussed over her!

    We had such grand plans of living over there, but alas. Still it's been great living there vicariously through your blog.

    Way back I anonymously recommended you visit Phu Quoc on your blog. So glad you got there. Defintely looking forward to getting back there and also taking our daughter to Soui Tien amusement park (whose bizarreness we loved).


  4. Let me know if there is anywhere you want me to check out around town. Happy to do a post for you on something you miss. Always up for something new! Don't give up yet, we thought about living here when we first visited in 1994. It took us 16 years bet we got here in the end!


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