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Friday, December 28, 2012

Japan. Tokyo and Yudanaka Snow Monkeys.

OK.  I am going to cheat on this one.  There are so many photos from our recent trip to Japan that when I started to write this post it was just all too hard.  So instead I have decided to do a bit of a photo journal with a few comments thrown in.  Apologies they are somewhat out of order.  If anyone needs any info on where we stayed or how we got to places etc feel free to email me.  I hope you enjoy Japan through Moggy eyes.  We had an absolute ball!

A tad excited, even after a long overnight flight.  We arrived at 0800 but the hotel would not let us check in until 1400.  Thank you Shibuya Excel...NOT.  Luckily, your location in the centre of Shibuya more than made up for it.

The novelty of cold for the "Vietnamese" Moggys.

....but it was all too much for someone.

Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine were on the cards for Sunday morning.

Wide open spaces saw the kids go crazy! they fitted in quite well with the locals.

We may have been lost but at least we knew where to Take A Shita!

Shinjuku for tepanyaki dinner

LOVE the story of Haichko who you will find at Shibuya station.  He used to meet his owner every day off the train in the 20's.  when his owner passed away he came back at the same time every day for NINE years! *sob*

A selection from the supermarket at the base of our hotel....noice!

Off to Yudanaka to find us some snow monkeys.  The kids had never seen snow so they were super excited.

Dinner at a Sumo restaurant.

My favourite little guy.

Monkeying around.

Bowled Quiddy!

We stayed at a traditional ryokan where we relaxed each night in these. 

Magnificant traditional Japanese dinner.  The Ryokan was called Yudanaka Seifuso.

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The owners spoke not a word of English but managed to spoil the kids rotten upon leaving.  Monkey souvenirs and apples all-round!

Nick and Christopher both celebrated their birthday on the 23rd.  These shots are from Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

Heading towards Meiji Shrine.

Yogogi Park.  A must do for people watching on a Sunday morning!

Shibuya crossing.  Amazing.

Fabulous toy store!

We had a fantastic day in Disneyland!


Love you Japan!