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Monday, July 30, 2012


After boarding Celebrity Equinox in Rome on Monday afternoon we settled ourselves into our staterooms. The boarding process all went very smoothly and by the time we sailed away at 5.30pm we were sorted. I'm sharing with Scarlett and the boys are 2 doors down. Having never cruised before it was all a bit strange. Everyone else seemed to know what they were doing and we just staggered around, jaws dropping that something so big and beautiful could float. The next day was a full day at sea. The kids spent the morning at the kids club which they loved. The afternoon saw us all by the pool which reminded me of a human soup! That evening was the first formal dinner so they went back to the kids club while we enjoyed date night on the high seas. They are loving cruising so far but they are exhausted. So much to do and see! We arrived at Santorini about 2.00pm the next day. After some consideration and discussion we decided to leave the kids aboard. (Read.....they begged to stay on board). Sounds strange I know but they were adamant they did not want to come and once they have made up their minds they would have been, shall we say, quite vocal with their protests all afternoon. We only had a few hours there so with everyone happy Nick and I set off for a Greek lunch. I had forgotten how many steps there are around Oia but we were silently high fiveing ourselves for leaving the kids on board to have fun. It just would not have been enjoyable for them. For us however.......magic. Santorini is, well, Santorini! Simply amazing. We took the local bus from Fira to Oia for €1.60 each and spent a few hours eating, drinking and just BEING in Santorini. One of my favourite places in the world. Back on board we watched the sun go down with the kids on Celebrity's signature real grass roof, sipping wine and nibbling on cheese. To full for dinner we retired to our rooms where we had our own private room party, ordering room service and watching....what else...but Mamma Mia! Phew. What a day. A day at sea today as we make our way to Istanbul, Turkey.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Story So Far.....

Where to begin. I think I will let the pictures speak the volumes of our Summer adventure do far. I am currently typing this offline in the middle of the Med aboard Celebrity Equinox. Will post when I can find some WiFi tomorrow when we arrive in Santorini. Forgive me regular Vietnam readers as this is more keeping in touch with family in Aus and hopefully bringing a smile to their faces. Thinking of you constantly.