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Monday, May 27, 2013

A post for those in Saigon...ever had Housekeeper/Nanny envy?

If there is one thing that has made our time here amazing it is this lady.  I have just posted on Anh Phu Neighbours Quyens availability from the end of June. I'm confident she will find the right job very quickly but thought I'd spread the word.  How do you sum up my "like having a husband but only more useful" domestic godess?  I did my best.  If you live here....spread the word!

Yes, she's the one you have been waiting for.  Our nanny/housekeeper Quyen is available from the end of June.  Quyen has been with us from the moment we stepped off the plane nearly 3 and a half years ago and has become a much valued member of our household.

She had previously worked for other expat families and has proven to be an absolute Godsend for us.  We are working parents with 2 children (they were 2.5 and 5 when we arrived) and she has made our time in Saigon a dream.  Her English is excellent and she can also read english which means she can make your favorite recipes from your cook books.(She has also copied many recipes from my cookbooks to take with her)  She has a wide and varied repertoire including firm family and kid friendly dishes like spaghetti, lasagna and fish fingers!  She does fab spring rolls and a delicious Vietnamese Chicken curry.  She loves to cook and is keen to try new things.   She has in the past done some amazing cheesecakes and lemon meringue pies for special occasions.  Just give her a recipe and she'll give it a go. She has also done a cooking course specifically geared for expat families.

Quyen basically ensures that our home functions smoothly.  She does our shopping, collects the children from school or the school bus, oversees any maintenance etc in the apartment and does all of our washing, ironing and cooking.

That all being said, her strongest traits are her honesty and initiative.  You do not need to hover over her and tell her what needs to be done and then watch to ensure she does it.  If we are out of something, she will restock.  Her honesty is impeccable.  I entrust her with our food budget and she runs it perfectly.
My children adore her.  She treats them like they are her own and she has been a strong and positive influence on their lives and their time in Vietnam.  She is a gentle soul but can be firm when it is needed. She has a very happy disposition and is a pleasure to have in our home.  I don't think I have ever seen her unhappy and without a smile on her face.(Nor as far as I can recall, has she taken a sick day!)  She currently works for us 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.  She is also always readily available for babysitting/overtime.

Quyen would prefer a full time position in District 2 but tells me she would consider 2 part time positions. She would also consider working in other districts if necessary.  We would dearly love for Quyen to continue her employment in a happy home where she is as cherished as she is in ours.  Please contact her directly on 0167 733 3979.


  1. how can you leave her behind?...
    maybe you should bring her back here with you...and if she has a husband...find him a job and bring them both ;-)

  2. Why not put a picture so people can see what she look like, any one can read this website and claim to be her

    1. Hi Chioma,
      Her number is there if anyone wants to contact her directly. I do my best not to post others on my blog. It is not my right to do so. Yes, anyone may claim to be her but unless they answer her phone, there is only one Quyen.


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