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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brotzeit in Ho Chi Minh City

We recently had a lovely set lunch at the new German restaurant Brotzeit at Khumo link next to the Intercontinental.  I'm not sure how long it has been open but it's a fairly new player in the restaurant scene.  If you have a hankering for all things German, this is the spot for you.

A HUGE variety of German ales on their menu.

As you can see, the prices for a set 2 course lunch are more than reasonable.  Coming in at under $10 I think will serve them well.

The view from our balcony table overlooks busy Hai Ba Trung.

Not being a huge beer drinker I barely know my ales from my stouts but there seemed to be something for everyone.

There is a nice little bar area as you first walk in that would be fun with a big group sitting around the communal table.

The first starter was a carrot soup and by all accounts, was a winner.

This was the stuffed ham baguette and I was not expecting too much.  In fact, I had no idea what it was going to be stuffed with!

Turns out to be stuffed with the most delicious potato mixture and I simply loved it.  Potatoes are one of my favourite foods so I was in heaven.  The bread it was sitting on was full of grains and very obviously home made.

But the REAL star of the show was the schnitzel.

Cooked to absolute perfection.  The crumbing was light and not at all oily.  You can choose your potato side of choice and I went with the potato salad.  Very nice indeed.

Purists of the schniddy look away now.  I find just having a squeeze of lemon not enough so mine came with a mushroom gravy.

On the side was also was what I think a cranberry paste which really topped off one of the best schnitzels I have had in Saigon.  The menu is quite  extensive and they have a wide selection of sausages and even some great looking salads.  I saw a platter come out and I have to tell you it looked incredible.  This is definitely a place the Moggys will come back to when a need a carb load.  I can highly recommend.


  1. Hi i am German the new Restaurant looks well, only the Beer is german but the Dishes in the Menue are defently not German.

    1. Ich kann mit 100% warscheinlichkeit sagen das die Speisekarte nur deutsches essen hat. Was soll es den sonst sein??


  2. Oh how strange! I wonder why they call themselves a German restaurant? Bizarre.

    1. Looks amazing though! How much was the set meal Dani?

  3. Depending on your choice of main it is between 150,000 and 180,000VND. Pretty good hey!

  4. That sounds fair! Thanks for the reco!

    1. I tried Brotzeit today for lunch and loved the Schnitzel! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  5. Hey that's great! Glad you liked it!


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