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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vincom Mark II is Open!

With great fanfare and the obligatory mind numbing loud music...Vincom number 2 opened on schedule yesterday.  I had my doubts that they would get it finished on time but in true Vietnamese fashion they must have toiled day and night to get the job done.  I would have to say, I entered with a rather negative state of mind as the building that was torn down to make way for this one, Eden Mall, was just beautiful and one of my favourites in the city.  On the whole, it was just as I expected.  More and more of the same expensive shops.  Fairly underwhelming if you ask me.  I'm not sure what I was hoping for.  Perhaps something with a few more shops for the average expat or traveller? Apologies for some of the fuzzy photos.  I was rushing around with just my phone.  Here is a sample of what you can find inside.

This was pretty cool.  They had their real Italian handcrafting shoe dude.

A lot of this.

This place was actually pretty good.  A few western sized things as well as quite a few kids clothes at "reasonable" prices.  More places like this would have been nice.

.....instead of more of this.

Vincom wouldn't be Vincom unless there was an escalator to nowhere.  They didn't disappoint!

There are a lot of opening special and you can have your photo taken with your overpriced goodies as a memento.

There is pretty much a whole floor dedicated to electronics etc.

This was like a big Harvey Norman.  It was one of the busier shops and the prices seemed reasonable.

Not sure if these are the same guys from Pasteur.  If they are lets just hope their prices remain the same.

A very small play centre for the kids.  It looks like perhaps you could leave the kids there while you shop if you were so inclined.

A few food places I had not seen before.

There were movie posters everywhere but as far as I can tell, no cinema.  Maybe they are going to put one at the top of the "escalator to nowhere"

Worth a look I guess.  Particularly at the moment as they have some opening sales on.  The food court was pretty big with some new restaurants.  I think maybe I am just still so sad that the beautiful Eden Mall has been replaced by yet another sterile shopping centre.  That's progress.........
Vincom Centre
171 Dong Khoi & 116 Nguyen Hue
Dist 1
Open 0900 - 2100


  1. I've never been there yet. Is it a copy of the first Vincom? ;-)

    1. Hi Lyra. Yes, pretty much. A few new shops and restaurants but still feels the same. Sad.

  2. LOL, escalator to nowhere! I had very little desire to check it out before, especially seeing crowds outside when it first opened. Now that I've seen the pics, I have really no desire to go inside. Wish they'd replaced the old mall w/ something more substantive.

  3. So pretty much the same as Vincom, Diamond Plaza, Parkson and all the other malls around there then?! This post has made want frozen yoghurt or ice cream though!


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