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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taking It To The Street

I was running around doing some errands the other morning and thought I would just take a few shots of the streets around where we live.  There is always something different to see.  People really do live their lives outside here and it's wonderful to get a sneak peek!  This is what I saw.....
Another laminating guy!  Apparently the city must be full of them!

A lady selling jackfruit...

.....and guitars.  An eclectic mix.

The locksmith cart.

The local shop on wheels.

A breakfast restaurant.

This looks really good!

And these two sizzling away smelt divine! 

Meals like this are perfectly safe to eat.  Fried up on the spot they are some of the best street food around.

Electric bikes are popular in HCMC.

Not too sure what she is cooking up here.

Portable restaurant.

Outside a goat meat restaurant.  Again, not sure if they are going to use them for stock or something.

The great escape

Watch out for chicken droppings...literally!

Fresh OJ on the go.

A rather disturbing child's t-shirt

The hairdresser having a little morning siesta.

Nearly Disneyland but not quite.

Pick a pot

Oh dear....epic fail.

You might come  to the conclusion that there are a lot of motorbike incidents where you loose a wing mirror...and you would be right.

Drive through florist.

Very Top Gear Vietnam

I don't know how this family sleeps with so many birds!


  1. i think u can understand the life in ho chi minh city. are you a photographer?

    1. Hi Hieu. Glad you liked them. No, I'm not a photographer but I think it is impossible not to take an interesting shot here. It's the great subject matter!


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