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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 I don't care how old you are...dressing up is fun!!  My kids have boxfuls of fabulous costumes with the majority of them coming from this place!  The A2 costume shop is at 107A Truong Dinh St in D3.  Even though it is a Truong Dinh address it is kind of tucked around the corner.  It is a treasure trove of amazing costumes and I will be stocking up before I leave.  At about $15 each they are a bargain.  They also wash up really well.  With Halloween just around the corner the place is full of pumpkins and spiders at the moment.  Fun!

We had book week covered with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
And the Cat in the Hat
My pirates on our summer cruise.

They have adult sizes too.  This is Nick at last years Auscham Ball.

What can I say except chicks dig clowns!

Last Halloween.

This one is just beautiful!
My little mermaid.


  1. Memories! In more ways than one! LOVE IT. And I am hyperventilating over the Cat in the Hat and Hungry Caterpillar - where did you get and do they have adult versions!?!? xx

    1. Hey! I'm sure I could organise! X

  2. I shared this on my fb page! Thanks for this post, we now know where to buy costumes for our kiddos! :-)


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