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Friday, September 14, 2012

Probably the best steak in Ho Chi Minh City

I only say probably because I haven't tried them all....but I'm working on it.  Sometimes you just need a steak.  A big, fat, juicy, artery clogging steak.  As far a price goes, it's up there with one of the most expensive in town but...sometimes, you just need a steak!
El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse has in my opinion not just the best steak in Saigon, but one of the best I have had EVER!

Starting with complimentary bread and fresh salsa....

...and of course the obligatory bottle of red.
A huge selection of sides to choose from.  Fat chips, corn, mash, creamed spinach.  You pay extra but look at those chips, I mean, LOOK AT THOSE CHIPS!

But this baby is the hero.  There is an enormous selection of cuts to choose from including meat from the US and Australia.  They even have Waygu.  They come in two sizes but the smaller 250g is always big enough for me.

There is also of course a large selection of sauces (extra) as well.  If I'm going to pig out, I do it properly so I usually go with the blue cheese sauce.

This is the last photo and you were lucky to get that one.  I struggled to put my cutlery down to take it.  So if you feel like spoiling yourself and boosting your iron levels, I can highly recommend El Gauchos.  


  1. Haven't had a good steak in a long time so this post got my mouth watering!

    Have you tried New York Steakhouse yet Dani? I ate there when it first opened about 2 years ago and I thought it was pretty good. Ending costing about 2 million for a couple of steaks, 2 soft drinks and dessert....which my Aunt thought was outrageous.

    How much were the steaks at El Gauchos?

  2. They start from about 400,000 for a 250g US beef. A 250g Black Angus Australian is 650,000. They go up to about 1.5 mil for a Waygu from memory. That is for the steak alone. Side and sauces extra. But OMG are they good!

  3. I'm no foodie or pro. But do try the Wild House at Thai Van Lung which is very good (to me at least) :D

    1. Oh...thanks for the recommendation! Will check it out!

  4. Which Place did you visit? The One in District 1 or in District 7?

  5. District 1. Xu bar for drinks around the corner is always a good idea!

  6. Do you happen to know which part of the US they get their steaks from?

  7. Sorry, I'm not too sure. All I know is that they are imported and advertised as either Aussie or US on the menu.


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