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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Laminating Guy

You may recall a few previous posts where I have captured, or tried to, just what an integral part of life motorbikes are here in Saigon.  Some of the most astounding things are sold, carried or collected from them.  This guy is my second favourite (you will have to wait for my favourite as I never seem to be able to get a photo of him).

Enter Laminating Guy!  This particular guy has a great setup.  It looks like he covers books as well.  Yes, there is a motorbike in there.

Loving his beatbox so he can listen to some tunes as he laminates his heart out.  Believe it or not we have actually had cause to use this guy when Nicks ID card went through the wash!


  1. THIS is amazing! I've never seen so much packed onto one bike!!

  2. only in Vietnam! :)


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