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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cuc Gach Quan...Again.

I simply cannot get enough of this place.  Some of the best Vietnamese food in town in an amazing setting.  Had lunch there again yesterday and yet again, fabulous.  They consistently get it right.  The decor is eclectic but somehow it just works.  
Retro pieces.

Tranquil dining areas.

Quirky decor.

Ridiculously steep stairs.

Potentially decapitating low doorways.

The old and the new(ish)

Dining in the roof.

Dining in bed.

Hideaway nooks.

Mind your head.

Slivers of sunlight.

Waiting impatiently.

Almost there.....

Yeah baby!

Thien Ly.

Pomello salad with prawns.

Tofu with meat sauce.

Soft shelled crab.

Red rice.


So good in fact that they have expanded across the road to number 9.  If you can, try to take a stroll around the neighbourhood to walk off all of that fabulous feed.  It's a great little area with its own feel.  Cuc Gach Quan is located at number 9 AND 10 Dang Tat Street in Tan Dinh District.  Ph 38480144 or 01657101010.  Even though it is in district 1, it is not down town.  Head up Hai Ba Trung, past the pink church and past Tan Dinh Market. Yummo!


  1. looks really delicious. what`s the price tag of the dishes?

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading. This lunch cost us about $30-$35 from memory. Lucky lunch companion picked up the tab!

  2. Wow, not surprised they have expanded. Thought there were some pics there I didn't recognise. Miss their food so much!

  3. Ah! this is so interesting! I wish I knew about this when I was in Vietnam.


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