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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sayonara Japan. Last Day

Our last full day saw me get the morning off for good behaviour.  It also saw our only rain of the trip.  I headed straight to the shops!

First stop was Kuromon Ichiba Market.  This market runs for about 600 metres and is crammed full of  about 170 shops , most of which specialise the freshest and best quality meat,  vegetable, eggs and fish from around the country and abroad.    Although well over half of the sales are for professional business they also sell to the general public.  For over 170 years everyone from restaurant chefs to housewives come here for the best of the best. 
I had yet to have breakfast so when I spied this place was serving food decided to give it a go.  You know it must not get any fresher than when the fish you get served is served by the guys still wearing the white fishmonger boots!

The "kitchen"

Best.  Miso.  Ever.  Not tofu but these little babies hiding at the bottom!
Yes, I had sake for breakfast.

Absolutely the nicest, most delicious, freshest sushi I have ever eaten.  Hand down.

I love how instead of the hassle of taking gloves off and on they have these little hand warmers attached to the bike.  Great idea!

Oh Lordy....

Hard to see in this pic but this seafood is actually being steamed, ready to eat.

And of course this had to be the last supper :(

Love Hotels are just matter for course it seems.  You have to go somewhere for some privacy right?

America Mura says farewell.

And so do we from amazing Japan.

...but not without a photo of the kids favourite thing.  Seriously, people underestimate how amazing a heated toilet seat can be.  Scarlett in particular loved it but her little butt was so small the bidet used to fly up the back and soak the bathroom!  We obviously had the el cheapo model in our hotel.  One I had the pleasure to use even had odour control!

So that was Japan.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  We really did have an absolutely  amazing time and can recommend it to anyone.  It was at times a bit of a challenge with the language barrier but a smile is universal.  No problems if travelling with kids and no where near as expensive as we had anticipated.  If anyone needs any info drop me a line and I would be happy to help.  Back to Vietnam now and I promise to show you lots of interesting and wonderful things to do and great places to eat in our wonderful city (and country)!


  1. Terrific posts Dani! Will refer to your posts when we get a chance to go there too! :)


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