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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Japan Day 6 - Universal Studio

Our second last day saw us at Universal Studios.  The kids had been so fantastic we thought we would treat them.  It was not something that we had originally intended to do and in hindsight we should have stuck to our instincts.

There is a train on the JR line that goes directly to the Studios where there is a short walk past every conceivable restaurant chain before you reach the front gates.

I had been given the tip to try a Mos burger so try one I 1000 in the morning.  The cheeseburger was actually pretty good.

Upon reaching the entrance the first thing that catches your eye is the amazing roller coaster that goes around the park.

A new area had opened just weeks before called Wonderland, aimed directly at the younger kids.  One of the reasons we decided to come.

$200AUS later and we were in!

The kids planning their plan of attack.

Scarlett adores the Pink Panther

.....a lot.

In a nutshell...this was the issue.  This was the shortest queue we came across all day at 35 minutes for a 20 second slide.  Some rides, Jaws for example was 90 MINUTES!  A 4 year old can simply not stand in a line for 40 minutes. (A 42 year old with a sore back had similar complaints)

Nice ride huh?  Didn't go on it.  1 hour wait.

By this stage I needed some of this.  At five cents it was the cheapest thing I saw all day.

Jurassic Park.  One hour....

In conclusion I would have to say if we were to to it again we would most definitely skip Universal.  There were even half hour queues for the food and drinks.  Simply not doable for us unfortunately.  So we cut our losses and got out of their in the early afternoon.

I so wanted to buy these for you Tan!

Found an excellent restaurant near the hotel.  Just a short walk towards the electronics area.  Loving the cups and bowls they had for the kids.

Loving the food they had for us even more.  

When all else fails with Quiddy, I carry around packets of tomato sauce and just get him some grilled chicken and rice.  He is more than happy.  Scarlett is much more adventurous and will try just about anything.  They spoke no English but thank God for Steve Jobs and his translator apps.  When we asked if a particular dish was tuna sashimi or beef....she was able to tell us it was horse!

I have no idea what the place was called but here are the details.  It was yet another great meal.  

One question we have been asked a lot since we have been home is "was it expensive?"  I am sure you could spend a fortune if you really tired but we found it more than reasonable.  Very much on par with Sydney or Melbourne.  The street food is cheap and tasty. We were travelling with the kids so were not doing the fine dining thing (this time!) so we found Osaka's home style hearty fare well within the budget.

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