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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Favorite Yum Cha in Saigon

Some times you just have to Yum Cha!  Our favourite Yum Cha place is Ocean Palace which is situated on Le Duan on the corner near the zoo.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Scarletts break was her dominant arm.  It has been fascinating watching her adapt to using her left hand.  She actually did an amazing job of learning to eat with her new "L" plate chopsticks!  Both Quiddy and I are left handed so it would not surprise me if after 6 weeks like this she ends up ambidextrous.

One of the things we love about Ocean Palace is that it is big and noisy.  No need to keep telling the kids to be quiet every five minutes.  On Sundays it is filled with families and has a fantastic friendly atmosphere.  Not the place to go for a romantic Sunday lunch.

The other reason we love it is of course the food!  Consistently good and reasonably priced.  Service is fast and friendly and the waiters all have a reasonable grasp of English.

And last but by no means least, it is fabulously child friendly.  This guy sets up his table downstairs and creates the most intricate, jaw dropping plasticine creations for the kids.  It is supposed to be for free but we always slip him a little something when no one is looking.  Seriously, talent like that needs to be rewarded!

Quiddy asked for a dragon.  This took all of five minutes.

Scarlett asked for a pony.  He was just incredible!  Best thing was, if you can manage to get them home without them getting squashed, they harden overnight so they can keep them forever.

All in all a great way to spend a Sunday lunch.  It usually cost us a total of $40 Aussie dollars for a couple of beers and soft drinks and 6 dishes with rice.  Kids entertainment....priceless!!!

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  1. I hope your daughter gets well soon :) . The food looks yummy lol . I


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