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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Paper Paradise

If you love craft, scrapbooking or just beautiful things in general...this store will make you weep.  I have spent countless hours in here just getting lost in the beauty, the kitchness, the colour, the treasure upon treasure that you stumble upon.  I may also have passed out for a few hours one time due to the heat but I digress.  This little treasure trove has all things crafty.  Boxes, paper, decorations, ribbons, ornaments...seriously that does not cover a one hundredth of it.  Feast your eyes on this!

It was all too much for this lady.  Either that or she has realised that in Australia this stuff would be selling at quadruple the price!

You will find Ngan Thong at 55A Pasteur St.  Take a fan and a bit of patience.  You will be rewarded tenfold.

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  1. Hey Dani! Ngan Thong, next to bookstores, in one of my happy places!


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