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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Auskick Saigon

Fantastic to see the great sport of AFL football being nurtured in the kids of Saigon!  The lament of many an expat parent is the lack of wide open spaces for the kids to just hit the grass and expend some of that pent up, apartment living energy.  Auskick Saigon has started up again and this time is located at the Australian RMIT campus in D7.  There was a fantastic turnout for yesterdays first session and the kids had a blast.   Not only are they getting a chance to run off that energy but they are learning the art of the great game that is AFL or Australian Rules Football.  It is very professionally run with the kids starting with warm ups, followed by drills then finishing with a short game.  The kids can then hang around to watch the "old" boys of the Vietnam Swans do their own training.  A great initiative that allows the kids to see the benefits of training and how one day they can be just like their dads!  (minus the beer at the end).  There is no prior knowledge of the sport previously required and it is open to anyone who is interested.  

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