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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great News!

Thank you all for your kind wishes for Christopher.  The good news is that his operation is all over and he is recovering am I!  He went in on Monday morning and unfortunately seemed to be in a great deal more pain than last time when he awoke.

Being a parent, as a lot of you know, is tough.  It is even harder when they are in pain and there is not much you can do about it.  (except take a photo!  Seriously, I did not take this for the purpose of the blog.  It was taken for Nick back in Vietnam.  He wanted to see him so I took this photo on an app on my phone)  He was looking at me with those big blue eyes and asking me to fix it.  You feel so helpless.

But kids being the amazing little things that they are, have an amazing ability to bounce back quicker than we could ever imagine.  This photo was taken just a couple of hours later.  He is so pleased that it is all over.  We have been taking it very easy this week so that he can slowly recover.  He has 2 more follow up appointments then he should get the all clear to fly home.  It has been interesting watching him being an "only child".  He misses Scarlett dreadfully and tends to wander around aimlessly, like he is missing a limb.  He was even calling out to her in his sleep the other night.  One more sleep and we will all be together again and celebrating our first Christmas in Australia in 3 years.  And the Moggys are VERY excited about it.  So thanks again for your warm wishes.  Dani and Quiddy


  1. Wee man! Lots of love and cuddles and snuggles and Santa is coming soon - really good for what ails ya! xxxxx

  2. Great news. So glad it's over & done with. Now go back to SG & decorate that Xmas tree in your house!

  3. Well done Christopher! Scarlett definitely misses you more!

    Enjoy your christmas holiday back home!

    Grace (Ms Grace)


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