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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day In The Country.

We just spent a blissful 24hrs in country Victoria.  The kids had an amazing time running though the bush  with the smell of eucalypts and the squawking of sulphur crested cockatoos as our backdrop.  We have just gotten home and they have put themselves to bed for a nap at 2.00pm.  Must be all that country air.
What better way to start than fresh salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

and peanut butter and jam for the kids.  You could tell counting calories was not on the agenda for this 24 hours.

The kids wait all year for this very special Christmas Train to come out of the box.

Time to head off to feed the ducks.

Going nuts on the swings.

Can you almost smell it?  Divine.  There was a little chill in the air and a little spring in our step.

Why walk when you can ride?

Quintessential Australia.

Time for a rest stop.

We just love eating like this.  Little bites of deliciousness. The dark stuff on the right is actually pickled walnuts.

Oh was all so good.  Country Victorian produce is some of the best you will taste.

But there is aways room for a little desert.

I have loved this stuff since I was a kid.

...and then on to a healthy dinner.  How's that for fish'n'chip shop burger?

Searching for four leaf clovers in the garden.  One of them was patient...the other one....not so much.  Bet you can guess who found this.......

Nice work Quiddy!

A wonderful 24 hours getting reacquainted with the Aussie bush.

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  1. LOVE the photos, Dan - and I can feel that fresh air in my lungs. Imminent Thredbo air in the McCartney lungs... soon! Sounds like you're having a blissful time and Quiddy looks wonderful - big congrats to him on the 4 leaf score!

    Much love, Txx


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