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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vietnam Swans V Australian Navy...sort of.

This week the HMAS Huon and the HMAS Yarra are in town!  They are Australian Navy minesweeping vessels on a bit of a good will tour.  The Vietnam Swans and Yarra/Huon  got together on Tuesday night to slug it out for the Phoenix Cup Perpetual Trophy. The Trophy is a spent shell donated by HMAS Darwin when the Swannies hosted a match against her on 29 September 2009. The Vietnam Swans are the custodians of the Trophy which is played for whenever an Australian warship visits Vietnam.  So far, the Swannies have played the RAN Fleet Units twice (HMAS ANZAC (Aug, 2008) and HMAS Darwin (Sept 2009)) and have been lucky enough to win on both occasions.

The kids were excited to be able to walk on some green stuff!  REAL GRASS!
The Moggys

The blending of two cultures.  AFL footy with Vietnamese flags for the goalie.

Unfortunately half of the Navy team got stuck in traffic on the way back from Vung Tau.  It was a twighlight match so time was of the essence.  Jumpers were swapped and some Swannies became Sailors.  Game on.

The line up

Ummm...Nick, you look stuffed and they haven't started yet!

One of my favourites.  Vietnam has very few coins in circulation.  What do you do in a country like that at the coin toss?  Why Rock Paper Scissors of course!

All that grass was a little bit too much for Quiddy.

.....and Scarlett.

What it's all about.

Thank goodness for glow in the dark shoes as darkness falls.

Go Swannies!  The final score.

Our past diggers would get a grin out of this one.  What better use for a hat!

A big thanks went out to Dan who was an important part of making it all happen....and for the cold beers afterwards.

Catering by Al Frescos.  Snags on the BBQ and a few coldies.

A poignent moment as Phil lights the 3 candles representing 3 people from the Swannies family who have sadly passed away.

For Dan's Grandmother, Sticky and little Phoebe.  May you rest in peace.

Scarlett enjoying the sugar high of lemonade.

Some presentations.  What Navy guy would not want an unwashed Swannies jumper as a momento I ask?

Australian Consul General Graeme Swift presenting the winners trophy.

Footballers are footballers all over the world.  The two best on grounds in one final competition.  Who can shotgun a can of Tiger?

...and the Swannies finish with another win.  As they say though....Football was the real winner (and it's a game of two halves!)


  1. This is one of those days that packs as much heart as you can fit in a week. Love that.


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