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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Commute

It takes me about 25 minutes from the kids school to get to work.  I had my camera on me the other morning and took a few snaps of Saigon in the morning.  I'd like to say Saigon waking up but at 0800 I think they have all been up for quite a few hours!  There is always something to see and it's never a dull drive!

Stopping to buy the paper

Like F1 drivers waiting for the countdown. (And some typical power lines in the background)

Xe Om guy waiting for a fare.

Who needs a station wagon.

The Reunification Palace.

Street sweepers do their best to make Saigon beautiful.

I see the couple on the right most mornings.  The man is blind and appears to be playing the flute with his nose.  I can only imagine the story they have to tell.

The beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Lotto ticket seller in his wheelchair.  Wheelchairs as we know them are just not practical here.  These contraptions are great and are powered by moving the steering wheel back and forth.

Cheeky schoolgirls on the school bus.

Officeworks on wheels.

Baby on board.

Still waiting.

Vo Van Nam

Xe Om drivers would have to be the most well read people in the city.

Vietnams version of Starbucks.  A typical coffee shop complete with the ubiquitous plastic stools (although they should be red!)


  1. Never a dull moment as U said. Interesting pixs!
    On 3rd to last pix, Hai Lua Rest, I ate there once. It nears the Zoo & Saigon Square mall, I think.

  2. Yes, it is right at the back of Saigon Square on Le Than Ton. Apparently the field mice are to die for ;) Glad you like the pics!

  3. very nice photo, I love the F1 photo the most!

  4. "Field mice", aka paddy rats are for novices who watch Anthony Bourdaine's show. True connoiseurs feast on "chuot dua", identical kins of afore mentioned rodents who choose to live atop of coconut trees and dine on the fruits their entire lives, thus making their flesh especially succulent and tender. Bon apetit!

  5. I'm not sure I am brave enough for either Robert!


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