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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Survived!

It was a long school break, over 9 weeks, but we survived and the kids are back at school this week.  Quiddy looks so grown up in his new year one uniform.  He lost a second tooth today and it is firmly shoved under his pillow as I type.  The tooth fairy paid 100,000VND ($5) last time so I am pretty sure he wedged this one out as a business venture.  That is 2 in 1 week!  Scarlett has taken it all in her stride and is enjoying FS3 which is prep in Australia.  Her bag is bigger than her. It's quite bizarre starting the school year in August.

I had a little tear this morning as I watched him lead her through the "big" playground.  He is really looking out for her until she finds her feet.

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