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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casablanca in Saigon

We may live half a world away from Casablanca but we can now enjoy the delights of Moroccan food right on our doorstep.  Well, not quite on our door step but not too far away in District 10.  I was lucky enough to have dined here the other night and we were all blown away by how delicious the food was.  There was a large group of us so we had a set menu that was pretty much everything available.  The prices are good and the flavours were out of this world.  I can honestly say the spices, tastes and combinations were like nothing I had ever tried before.  The owner was kind enough to let us all bring our own wine but he did have very reasonably priced wine on the menu.  As I said the menu (and the restaurant) are small but what they do they do well.  We will definitely return.
Zaalouk.  Eggplant, olive oil and cumin.

mmmm fresh home made bread.


Salad, obviously.

These were a firm favourite of the table.  They smelt a lot like Baklava, with the cinnamon, honey scent but when you break them open....

Beautiful savoury pigeon.  Some may not like the thought of it but I tell you, you gotta try it before you write it off.  They were seriously good.

Chicken Tajine.  Amazing.  They also had a lamb one with almonds and plums.  This was a large share size but I did see another table with smaller sizes. 190,000VND

Spicy sausage with vegetables hiding a steaming mountain of cous cous.

Yummy sticky deserts

We wouldn't be in Morocco without the mint tea.  Ok, I KNOW we are not in Morocco.  Lets not spit hairs.

Try telling HIM we are not in Casablanca!  The delightful owner who's name escapes me.  I was too full of food and wine at the time of introduction.

The aftermath.
I can recommend!

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