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Monday, September 5, 2011

A sneak Peek.

Unfortunately I am as busy as a one armed paper hanger at the moment so am frustrated that I can't put a piece together about out recent trip to Bangkok just yet.  Could not resist giving you a sneak peek though.  This was just one of the many highlights of an amazing 3 days!


  1. These cats look tired & sleepy. Must be on downer or something right? Amazing cats! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story :)

  2. I too was pretty sceptical before I visited. I had reservations as I love animals and had read some terrible suggestions. I came away totally satisfied that nothing untoward was going on. After speaking to an Australian lady who works there I am convinced that it is all above board. Apparently they are very active in the mornings and in the afternoon just sleep. It was Soooo hot I can't blame them. There were still many precautions taken (which did freak me out a bit) which makes you realise that these mighty beasts were well in control of their faculties!


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