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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Movies Vietnam style

I cannot believe Quiddy is six and has never been to the movies!  I guess before we went to Cambodia they were a bit small and since we have been away, well, lets just say we manage to see all of the latest stuff in the comfort of our own home. So yesterday I bit the bullet and decided to take the kids to see the Smurfs at Lotte Diamond Plaza Cinema.  It was actually much better than I anticipated (both the experience and the movie).  Having said that....who plays a preview for Fright Night before a kids movie?  Just what your kids need first time watching the big screen, a 10 foot vampire trying to kill them!  On a contrasting note, you could not be anywhere else but the Nam when one of the ads before the movie is for Dalat potatoes.  We had a great morning though, topped off with a Pizza hut lunch.
A rather sparse looking candy bar with the ubiquitous Lotte Pie of course.

They were so excited!

Yep.....60,000VND each.  That is less than $3 a ticket!

OK, are you sitting down.  We all know how much it costs to take the family to the movies in Aus.  This stash....INCLUDING the cost of the 3 tickets cost us less than $14 Aussie dollars.

Surprisingly comfortable.   Scarlett had chair issues though.  As she is so small it kept folding up on her.  I ended up sitting her in my lap.  Of course people talked through the whole thing but this is one time when the Vietnamese obsession of having everything at ear shattering decibels was an advantage.

Unfortunately it was not in 3D but the kids enjoyed it anyway.  If you live here and plan on going to the movies just be aware that it is ticketed seating so you might want to buy your ticket early so you are not in the front row.  Would definitely go back again next time something suitable is on.

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