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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little Stuff

How cute are these!  It is a bit hard to tell as I have zoomed in when I took the pictures but they are soooo tiny.  It would all fit in the palm of your hand.

This was my favourite.  You can even take the Chupa Chups out!

Well we are in Asia

Look at the Satays!

The attention to detail is amazing.  Look at the little Japanese Mayonnaise bottle!

mmmmmm.....dim sum.

Well fancy that.  McDonalds is in Vietnam after all.

Maybe when they are a bit older I'll pick some up.  At this stage they are a little too carless with smaller toys and it would break my heart to see them all over the place (no to mention my Capricorn nature too see it all messed up).  I think stuff like this is more for visual enjoyment that playing.

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