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Friday, May 20, 2011

My boy!

We were asked if we could attend the whole school assembly this morning as the F3T (preps) had a performance they wanted to show us.  It was a wonderful little play and song about "Respect".  The kids were just adorable and sang and spoke beautifully.  During the rest of the assembly I was blown away by the manners and the maturity of these kids!  They were so quiet and when a question was asked 100 hands would go up in unison but not a sound could be heard.  They were just amazing.  Then the Head Teacher (Principal) began to speak about a child that was going to get a certificate due to their "community spirit".  Well lo and behold if it was not my little darling boy!  What a wonderful surprise.  I actually had no idea so I was so glad I was there.  He had to go up in front of the whole school and explain that he and his sister gave their old toys away to the Christina Noble Childrens Foundation (or orphanage as he calls it!) .  I was so proud of him.  We all had a bit of a chuckle when Ms Sue asked if there were any special toys in there and he said "not really".  To be honest, I've turned into a marshmallow in my old age and almost drew blood biting my cheek so as not to cry.  I'm sure he would have been mortified to have a blubbering mummy in the audience.  Sorry for the poor quality pics.  I only had my phone on me.
Performing with his class

Head Teacher Ms Sue explaining why he was getting a certificate

Well done champ!


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