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Friday, May 20, 2011

Addicted? shopping for shoes!  Nick is gunna kill me.  Just bought these from my favourite little secret shop.
I could I not?  $15 bucks!  Checked online and they retail for about 90GBP.  They are made by "Next" and did not quite find their way out of the country.  It is not often I can find shoes to fit my "enormous" size 40 clown feet.  Then I saw another pair that I just had to have!  I really need to find some more self control.  It could be worse I guess.  Nick keeps buying winter motorcycle gear from the Russian Market.  At least I can wear these here!


  1. They are hot Dan - tell Nick you HAD to have them!

  2. Where's your secret shop? I'm intrigued!

  3. Depends Lyra...what size are you :)


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