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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hong Kong Part 8: The Stanley Peninsula.

The next day we decided on a change of pace and scenery and headed back out on the "Big Bus" to the Stanley peninsula.  Only half an hour out of Central on Hong Kong Island and it seemed a world away.  We stopped on the way in Aberdeen to have a bit of a cruise around on a Sampan which the kids loved.  The bus also stops at Ocean Park.  We did not have time as we figure it is an all day thing there but have read great reviews of the place.  Everyone I have spoken to says it is a lot better than Disneyland....and I loved Disneyland!  We will definitely come back and spend time there.  We then continued on the stunning winding road, through Deep Water Bay, past Repulse Bay and on to Stanley where we stopped for lunch and a look around the lovely markets there.  I did not buy much as it was significantly more expensive than the night markets and they would not budge on prices (I hate that!).  Stanley had an almost resort like feel to it.  The last place it certainly felt like was Asia.  I would recommend a visit to escape the hustle bustle of Central and Kowloon.  We loved it!

The famous floating restaurant in Aberdeen.

Now the Sampan was lovely and all but this would have been nice too!

Some guys buying their lunch.

Sea dogs!

Sea houses.

Our daggy bus.

Stanley Markets

A spot of shopping

The Boardwalk in Stanley

Stopped for some lunch at a restaurant called "Rocksalt"

This for the kids.

.....and this for us.  Yes, it was a good as it looked!

That a $900 seafood lunch!  Luckily it's Hong Kong dollars so divide by 8 and it's not so bad after all.

Really pretty town.  The Pickled Pelican looked like fun!

The funny thing about this photo was that this woman who looked 100 had just put away her iPad!

The poor kids were exhausted!  Time to get back on the ferry and go back to the Langham.  Moet awaits!


  1. as always, i really enjoyed your posts from Honkers and the wonderful photos.

    I especially loved the photo of your daughter with those 3 dancing dolls. took me back to my childhood when I had one the same and i haven't seen them since that time.
    Do they have a wind-up mechanism which makes them glide around the floor?

    really made me think another trip to Honkers is a must!

  2. Hi Mai! Those little dolls go with her everywhere...including the bath! They actually came in a set of 6. We bought them at Disneyland for about $100HKD (12 bucks?). She adores them. they have glitter on the dresses and she invariably ends up sparkling by the end of the day. They don't glide...that sounds like fun! Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yes, go back for a visit...especially if you have kids!


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