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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hong Kong Final Instalment: The best of the rest!

Hope you enjoyed our little trip to Honkers.  It was written mainly for family and friends so if anyone else go some useful info out of it then thats great.  Back to work today and as always, it feels like you never left.  We have 2 lots of visitors over the next week and a few short trips away planned so it will be a busy time.  Some exciting news coming up this space!

It had to be done.  With no Macca's here in HCMC we had a big pig out.  I placate myself by noting that the kids do not even know it is called McDonalds.  Quiddy calls it "The chippy shop"

Oh come one, everyone does that don't they?

Right down to the doormen, they were perfect.

I always dreamed of the day when the kids would be old enough to really look out for themselves while travelling.  It is amazing how quickly it actually happens.  They won't let us touch their cases, even putting them on the scanning belts themselves.

I guess the good news is that they are developing a love of travel. The bad news is, one day they are going to say "see ya mum" then I get to worry about them all over again.

At three, it can still be a bit tiring.

He is such a serious little thing.  Every time he studies the saftey card and asks questions (Good ones too!).  He then patiently watches the safety demo.  Some grown ups could take a leaf from his book.

This cheered him up.

...and this sums it up.  When I look back at how much we crammed into six days I'm not surprised she has crashed. I really hope that they remember a lot of it even though they are quite young.  I know it was a holiday we we never forget.

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