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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hong Kong Part 6: Shopping

As previously posted, we ended up staying at The Langham Hotel.  The area that this is in is known as Tsimshatsui or TST. It is seriously a mecca for all things fashion.  I was totally overwhelmed by the array of labels to be found here.  I love shopping but this was all just a bit too much for me.  I am not really a brand girl so was too scared to venture in to most of them.  If the ones on the street were not bad enough, there is a MASSIVE shopping centre opposite called Harbour City.  I'm not kidding, that place was enormous!  You could find just about anything in there including bewildered men who have lost their wives and may have been wandering around aimlessly looking for them for weeks.  I did go into one department store called Lane Crawford where I was able to purchase my all time favourite Jo Malone perfume and some MAC cosmetics.  I found the prices to be at lease a quarter cheaper than in Australia, sometimes up to a half.  So if you love that kind of stuff, this area is for you.  It is also very close to Nathan Road.  Nathan Road is the main thoroughfare in KowloonHong Kong that goes in a south-north direction from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mong Kok. It is lined with shops, restaurants and tourists, used to be known as the Golden Mile, a name that is now rarely used.  While the area in central Kowloon can be somewhat sleazy there are, nonetheless, certainly many upscale establishments on the road, mostly at the southern end. The vibrant, lighted signs are a sight to behold, especially in the evening, and many think portions of the road resemble New York City's Times Square.  You tend to get accosted by men wanting to make you a suit or sell you a watch.  They can be pretty persistent.  Nick just told them he was a tailor and they left us alone! One evening we ventured to the Temple Street night markets and on another I ducked out to the Ladies market.  These can both be found in the Mong Kok area.  I felt much more at home there but have to say it was pretty much all of the same market trash.  I picked up a watch for $10 and a couple of hand bags but coming from Saigon, there is nothing too exciting to be found that I could not find at home.  The food at both places looked great and would be a fantastic place to go for dinner.  Cheap, cheerful and deliscious! They were fun to traipse through and I still recommend them for a visit.   Again, I wish I had more time to explore.  Maybe next time!

I was a happy shopper!

They were queueing to get in for Gods sake!

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