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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hong Kong Part 5: Hong Kong Island

Not having been to Hong Kong before we decided that we needed to orient ourselves.  The best way seemed to be the ultra touristy double decker, hop on - hop off "Big Bus Tour"  The best thing about this was the kids were happy to sit on the open top roof and us adults could plug headsets in and listen to commentary that was very informative.  As the name suggests, you hop on and off as much as you please and it has 3 different routes to take.  One is around Kowloon, one around HK Island and a third out to Stanley.  We decided to start with the HK Island one which includes the ride over on the famous Starr Ferry and a ride on the Peak Tram to one of the most amazing views ever.  Here are some snaps from our HK Island tour.
The Starr Ferry takes about 10 minutes to reach the Island.  You can see the HK Convention Centre in the background.

Our daggy but practical "Big Bus"

The second tallest building in HK, Financial Tower.

This building is known to the locals as the "Robot Building"   Go figure.

Just when you think it is all flash, there is still a little of this to be found.  In general though, you struggle at times to remember you are in Asia.

See what I mean?

But then you get this!  No idea what it is or what it is selling.

There is an unbelievable amount of wealth.  This was along a city block with all of the big name car dealerships in a row.  No, I would not let Nick off the bus!

HK is also famous for it's double decker trams.  We were pleasantly surprised how uncrowded the roads were.  We could only assume that the Mass Transport Railways under the city were so cheap and effective that it is the way most people get around.

On the way up to "The Peak" on the VERY steep Peak Tram.

A spot of lunch at Bubba Gumps.
A Lieutenant Dan meal for the kids.....

.....and of course shrimp done 4 ways for us.

Time to take in THAT view.

This view literally took my breath away.  I let out a little gasp first time I saw it.

Obviously a very steep streetscape.  I would have loved to have had time to explore all of these little side streets.

Love it!

Heading back home.

Nick contemplating how we are going to move to HK.  What a city!

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