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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hong Kong part 3: Disney adventure continues...

Up bright and early the next day to eat our weight in Mickey pancakes before heading back for another fun filled day.
Poor Quiddy.  Look at his eyes.  He is exhausted!

I tried to get a little least the kids liked them!

Quiddys favorite.

The entrance to the restaurant.

Scarlett lounging around.

Very strange walking down Main St USA first thing in the morning.  Everyone stands outside of their shops and waves enormous Mickey hands at you.  Quite disturbing really.

This ride was called Autotopia or something.  Everytime we would go to check the wait was 60 minutes.  We heading straight for it in the morning to beat the queue.  Oh My God, it was LAME.  If I had have waited one hour for it I would have been shattered.

Having said that...the kids loved it.

Now this was a fun ride.  Buzz Lightyear.

What can I say?  Even when it is with a plastic toy gun, he just loves to shoot things.

The tea cups get another run.

Hands up if you are going to be sick!

Scarlett meets Alice.

Toy Story.

This guy was a little stange.

Lion King show was amazing!

What it is all about.
The parade begins.

Disney done and dusted.
Time for a well earned rest.

Breakfast on our last morning.

Meeting Belle and Snow White.

Scarlett was dying to show Snow White her new wheelie suitcase with her on it.

She appeared suitably impressed.

Look're on it too!

They were so sweet to the kids.


  1. Hi Dani
    Loved your pics, almost makes me want to pop over!!! Was showing your pics to a friend contemplating HK with her kids. Where did you stay after DL Hotel? Any other tips appreciated, her kids are 4 and 6. Shirl

  2. Just brings tears to my eyes - so gorgeous. Q looks knackered, dear love him! I remember Riley wearing himself down to a stump. Isn't Buzz Lightyear's ride super cool and how's that parade!??!

  3. Oh Shirl.....go for the weekend. HK blew us away. I've just done a post on the Langham where we stayed. Can highly recommend. Will post more pics of HK Island soon. Breathtaking! an, I'm so glad we went. The kids were the perfect age! X


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