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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hong Kong Part 2: Disneyland Park

We had a 2 day pass and boy did we smash it.  I had heard that it was quite a small park but it actually took us 2 days to do everything. (And I mean EVERYTHING!)  We actually did some of our favourites a few times!
A shuttle bus runs between the hotel and the park and takes about 5 minutes.  Then there is a bit of a walk to the entrance.  This was fine on the way in but let me tell you, on the way home it was like a marathon!

The view down Main Street USA

Can you imagine how excited Quiddy was about this train?  It circles the whole park.

Up, up and away! (after a 30 minute wait!)

I actually loved this ride!

Happiest place on earth Scarlett....HAPPIEST!

Now this was a firm favourite.  It was a 4D Disney adventure complete with characters popping out so you felt you could almost reach out and touch them.  You also get splashed with a little water when swimming with the little mermaid and boy did that blueberry pie smell great!

Of course we all loved the tea cups! 

...and we're off!

An overzealous Nick had us moving at the speed of light!

The kids loved "It's a small world".  I however had the damn song in my head for the next 2 hours.

The look of pure enchantment.

Underneath a rocket in "Tomorrowland"

Getting a little tired now.

Day one done.  Back to the hotel for a sleep before the night time show.

The kids were all over it.  They knew exactly where we were on the map at all times.  This is Scarlett planning our evening activities.

One happy camper with a ticket to ride.

It was just beautiful at night.  This is just before the fireworks display.

Responsible parenting.  Mickey ice creams for dinner.

Until tomorrow.....

but I just had to put this one in.  No comments needed.

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  1. They've expanded it! No Small World when we were there (and the one in Anaheim was - gasp - CLOSED! Yes, I openly wept). Great photos - love them. And the eternal question - did all your dreams come true?!


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