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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Livin' Local

Spent the morning living local by going to the park about 500 metres from our house.  It is called Tao Den and it may be 500m away but it feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle surrounding it.  The only place that is packed is the kids play area.  Quite often we will drive past and it is just swarming with kids playing in the sand (read: Dirt).  The rest of the park is manicured to perfection with a temple, ponds, a cactus garden and of course somewhere to stop for ice cream.  Early morning it is full of Tai Chi enthusiasts perfecting their art as well as fan dancers.  Sunday sees the Scouts take over in their hundreds.  Today we saw many people exercising,  many small groups of students practising their English and even a group with guitars having a bit of a mellow jam.  We enjoyed our morning escaping the madness into a little oasis.

Very quiet today.  Don't you love the "sand"?

What little girl does not love the swing!

I love this lady's face.

There is no concept of queuing or waiting your turn here in Vietnam.  Get in there son!

This is STUNNING!  I have no idea how they did it but he even has whiskers!

As always they attract a bit of a crowd.  They are ok about it.  They don't love it but they tolerate it.  Even throwing in a Xin Chao every now and again.

Many groups come to just catch up and have an iced coffee.

Exercises...apparently if you bare your gut it works better!

A little bit of frog spotting.  A tad more difficult than at the market where they are strung up and wiggling.  Leap for your life little fella!

Quiddy handing them back their shuttle cock.  A very popular pastime here.

Another arty one.  Loving my new camera!

No, the phone is just a toy.  This little expat princess is not THAT spoilt.

They were learning some weird rabbit dance from the computer on the ground.

I LOVE this shot.  Can you see the dragon fly in the middle on the flower?

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