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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Finally Found Where The Stuff That Fall Off The Back Of The Truck Lands!

Scarlett is a very lucky little girl as she arrived over here with a stack of beautiful clothes that she had yet to wear.  That, and the fact you can pick us some gorgeous little dresses over here for next to nothing, makes her seem like she wears something new every day.  Much to my delight, Quiddy is starting to take a bit more interest in what he is wearing each day.  He has mentioned a few times that he would like some nice new clothes.  So what is a mum to do....but go shopping!  I have been asking around a bit since we got here trying to get a feel for how much things cost.  I found things a bit cheaper in Cambodia but I just have to let that one go.  I do not live in Cambodia, I live here in Ho Chi Minh City!  So with a general idea of prices I delved in a bit deeper than the usual"how much is that?" conversation and payed a bit more attention to what was out there.  There is no one place where all of the bargains are and I'm sure I will go back to some of these places and they will not have the "seconds" that I found today.  That's why you gotta buy it when you see it!  So I went a little nuts for the Quid and felt like I spent a fortune.  Got home and added it up and it was roughly $40 AUS, (Mind you, I bartered my butt off)  I got 9 T-Shirts, mostly Osh Kosh or Baby Gap (with swing tags), 4 pairs of shorts and a dress to keep little Miss Happy. I am 99% sure the Osh Kosh stuff is real as there are crosses through the labels like they do in Aus when an item is faulty. As for the swing tags...why would you bother?   God I love a bargain!

I can't see why you would go to the trouble of faking a swing tag complete with bar code!

The big bargain cross!

Heaven help me if she missed out!

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