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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometimes Progress Sucks

Progress....there is no way to stop it.  As much as I miss some of the more commercial aspects of Australia (where are you Coles Online?!), sometimes progress needs to be halted.  My case in point here is Eden Mall.  It is the magnificent building on the left of the picture above.  Charm, character and doomed.  It sits on one of the most beautiful corners of the city overlooking the stunning Opera House and Continental Hotel.  If the walls could talk they would surely have many fascinating stories to tell.  Alas, it's days are numbered.  All the shops have been closed and as I went past today and looked up into the sad faces of the residents who have lived there for God knows how long, my heart ached.  I have seen some demonstrations out the front.  A smattering of old ladies with signs that say I don't know what, but I can guess.  Tried to take a photo but was shooed away quick smart by some uniformed men. I have tried to find some history behind the building but have struggled.  Just by looking at it though I feel a great sense of loss for the city.  This place has changed so much since we first visited 15 years ago and I fear for it's future.  It is getting harder and harder to find the "real" Saigon.  How many overpriced, top end shopping malls do we need and at what cost?  I have no idea who purchases things in these malls but it is well and truly above my price range.  For Gods sake, someone buy up these places and restore them to their former glory before it is too late.  A lot more tourists want to come and step back into time than they want to go to Jimmy Choo and buy some shoes!

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