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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Europe....the last bit.

Yes, I know.  I have been slack.  Actually I have been incredibly busy!  Have been back in Vietnam for 2 weeks now and have finally had some time to sit down and go through our final photos of the end of our trip.....and here they are.  Will get back to reality now and be blogging about Vietnam again after this.
Waiting to catch the train to France from Venice.

Cagnes Sur Mer - or Consume as Nick likes to call it.  Catching up with some sold friends.

Where else but Monaco.

Lunch at Stars and Bars where Nick was pampered by his minions.

Beautiful morning by the river building a dam.  Don't think I have done that for 35 years!
Scarlett stuffing her face.

....with this.  Can't blame her really.

Awesome adventure park where you can run amongst the tree canopies and zoom on the flying fox.

Cheeky monkeys.

The Casino at Monaco

After lunch we hit the beach at Monaco.

We then flew to Paris where the pate muncher was in heaven.

Lets just say I was a little excited about being back in Paris.
This shot cracks me up.  He is actually a VERY good little photographer.

The finished product.

The stunning Notre Dame.  The kids were fascinated when we told them the story of the hunchback.

Check out the cheeky photo bombers in the background.  Yes, we see you Nick and Quiddy...and how 'bout that pose Scarlett.  Good grief!

Just up from Notre Dame is this bridge where lovers lock their love forever by throwing the key into the water below.  So romantic...ahhhh....Paris.

For all you Pulp Fiction fans out there of which Nick is obviously one.

So beautiful

Eiffel heads

One of the highlights for us was packing a picnic and sitting under the tower watching the sun go down.

Nice are the out takes....

Well it is the city of love.  Love you babe. X


  1. Did you but the mini Eiffel Towers off the illegal sellers? Last year we sat for a while just watching them harass everyone, then run for their lives when the police came along. They were very funny.



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