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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Travellers Best Friend

I bought this handy little device for Nick for Christmas.  I cannot tell you how useful it has been.  In this new day and age of budget air travel, baggage limitations seem to have become stricter than ever.  We are forever trying to figure out if our bags are over weight and we are going to get stung with those ridiculously high excess baggage costs.  This little number takes the guess work out of the equation.  There is a loop at the bottom that you just attach to the handle of your suitcase then you simply lift the bag by the travel scale handle and check the weight.  It even has a nifty little tape measure that comes out the side if they a super conscious with cabin baggage sizes.  I have not seen them sold here in Vietnam but there are plenty on the internet.  I wished I had have bought it years ago!

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  1. LOVE! Beats the old jump-on-the-scales-with-over-stuffed-bag-and-put-back-out system!


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