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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shopping Fun.

On Sunday mornings Nick takes Quiddy to soccer training and Scarlett and I hit the shops.  It's really only been in the last month or so that she has really felt comfortable doing it.  Such a splendid mother/daughter bonding moment when I ask what she wants to do and she replys go shopping.  The beginning of many years of bargain hunting together to come.  Sometimes we get our nails done, sometimes we will go to a market or just go out for breakfast.  I think one of the enduring images of our time here in my head will be from today.  Scarlett, who chose her own outfit this morning, skipping down the middle of one of the old style wet street markets, full of flopping fish and wonderful old Vietnamese stall owners, singing a tune, fairy wings in full flight....blissfully unaware of the chaos she left in her wake.  People reaching out for her or their phones to take a photo and calling out to their friends to look out for the little pixie.  I am still chuckling at the thought.

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