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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Home is where your stuff is.

Well, the Moggys are back and ready and rearing for a fabulous 2012.  I have to admit it was a lot harder to leave Australia this time and I found myself much more emotional than I was expecting.  I guess when I visited last in July I knew that I would be back in December but this time there are no future plans to travel back in sight and goodbye was probably goodbye for a while.  The great news is Quiddy is doing wonderfully well after his surgery and it has not taken us long to get right back in the swing of things here.  The kids were so happy to be back with their toys and sleeping in their own beds again.  I was very quickly reminded why I love Vietnam so much and already have a full dance card for next week!  With Tet fast approaching it feels like a time of renewal for us and we are ready to jump in boots and all.  I'll leave you with some pictures I took of my beautiful home town, Melbourne.  I don't know when I will see her again but she will always have a special spot in my heart.
Melbourne Central 

State Library

State Library in Central Melbourne

A Melbourne institution....Stalactites.  Where everyone who is anyone ends up for a souvlaki at 4 in the morning.

I have no idea!

The view looking down the Bourke Street Mall in Central Melbourne. (with obligatory tram of course)

Always something to see in town.

Victoria is known as "The Garden State" and you can see why.

AND you get to sit on the grass!

The iconic Flinders Street Train Station.

St Pauls Cathedral.

An Aussie tradition...watching the Boxing Day Test Cricket match.  Federation Square.

The view overlooking the Yarra River towards the spire of the Victorian Arts Centre.

Federation Square in the centre of town.

Looking over towards Southbank with the the Victorian Arts Centre and the now world famous Langham Hotel in the foreground.

Our "Upsidedown" Yarra river looking toward one of the most famous sporting venues in the world....the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Liquid refreshments on the banks of the Yarra.

One of my favourite memories of Melbourne. If you are not a Melbournian it's a little hard to explain.  This sign has even been immortalised in song by Paul Kelly and the Messengers...Leaps and Bounds.  When I hear it it always tugs at my heartstrings.
I'm high on the hill looking over the bridge,
to the MCG. 
And way up on high, 
the clock on the silo says eleven degrees. 
I remember 
I remember  
The new purpose built AAMI Stadium for the soccer.  Us Melbournians are sports crazy!

So a Merry Christmas to you all and I hope 2012 bring you much joy and happiness.  I really look forward to what lies ahead and sharing it with you all.


  1. You almost make me miss Melbourne! I feel the same when I see the Nylex clock. Love the Melbourne Central photo!
    Your post has reminded me to process & publish my photos from visiting home last Tet.

  2. I'd love to see them when you do! Summer in Melbourne really is amazing isn't it! The cricket, tennis, ice creams down at St Kilda, jazz at the zoo, movies in the park..........the list is endless.


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