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Sunday, October 9, 2011

When $2.50 is too much...apparently.

Hair Cut
Christopher was recently in need of a hair cut.  It is a real bug bear, of Nicks in particular, the prices that are charged for little boys haircuts in Australia.  He flatly refuses to go into a salon with Quiddy and get charged ridiculous prices for what could potentially be the most basic hair cut in the world.  Of course things are slightly different here.  There are heaps of options when it comes to haircuts.  It is a little bit more complicated when it comes to us chicks.  After a year of messing about with cheaper salons I have regretfully given up and now go to a salon with a Canadian Vietnamese guy who charges pretty much what I would pay in Aus. He is actually fantastic and the 20 minute head, neck and shoulder massage as well and the fresh squeezed juices are certainly not included in the price at home.  Anyway, back to Quiddy.  The last time he got a haircut I took him to a mid range place and I don't know how they managed it, but they gave him a shocker.  This time I had had enough so I asked Hai to take me to where he gets his hair done.  This is what we found.
I have seriously never seen someone take so much care with a 6 year olds hair!

The "salon" was very basic.  Open fronted with just the necessaries.

At this point I should mention he HATES getting his hear cut.  He hates the little hairs that stick to his face or perhaps he remembers that traumatising afternoon as a wee lad when his dad shaved his head.

Sweet ride parked in the corner.

Maybe it is just me but I find something about this very charming

This however is a little shocking....pun intended.

He spoke no English of course but we got by just fine.  He has been cutting hair in this shop for 20 years.

I think maybe he has had this brush for 20 years as well!

Vuon Chuoi St in District 3.

Ok, so here is the kicker.  When I asked him how much he said 50,000VND ($2.50).  I was more than happy with that.  Ecstatic even.  We get back in the car and of course that question that Vietnamese people love to ask is bandied forth.  How much did you pay?  When I told him 50,000 he was sooooo annoyed.  He says he pays 30,000 and that includes a good old ear picking and a shave.  Tells me that if this gentleman dared to charge that to a Vietnamese person he would get a "black eye". (I hope he was joking).  Personally, I felt this was a little over the top.  I guess when it comes to stuff like this I have to ask myself "do I feel like the service I received was worth the money I paid?"  In this case the answer is yes, I do.  So even though Hai is not happy and has threatened to find a new Hot Toc, for me, the $2.50 was well spend not just on a haircut but for the experience of having one of those "Vietnam Moments" that I know I will remember forever.

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