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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feeling cold....Ah, I remember that!

As I sit at my computer staring down on a billion motorbikes that look like ants and listen to the persistent tooting of horns, I am a a galaxy away from Australia.  Already it seems like a distant memory.  As I hop from air-conditioned office to air-conditioned car onto air-conditioned house....I struggle to remember what it feels like to be cold. Really cold.  Here are some snaps from a bed and breakfast we stayed in for one night at Ocean Grove. was cold alright!
The beautiful Tea Tree Cottages.  The kids were so excited to stay in a house made of wood, just like the 3 little pigs!

Their beds were upstairs in the loft which caused no end of excitement.

Halfway up the stairs was a "secret cupboard"  Well you can imagine the excitement THAT caused!

Men at work

Now that the hard work is done...time for a treat.

Yep....there it is!  Feeling cold yet?

Oh look...I was there too!  And it was FREEZING!

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