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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hoi An Part One

We snuck out of Ho Chi Minh for the Queens Birthday long weekend.  Happy Birthday Lizzie and thanks for the day off.  Nick and I had been to Hoi An many years ago.  About 12 I guess.  We decided it was time to go back and check it out with the kids.  So with Team Sommerville in tow we caught a flight to Danang on Friday night.  It takes just over an hour then about a 20 minute drive.  We were booked into the Life Heritage Resort which is one of the few resort style hotels within walling distance to the "Ancient Town".  It was just a beautiful as we remembered.  In fact it is so well preserved it borders on a movie set!  One of the best parts is that it is blocked off to traffic a lot of the time so you don't have to have eyes on the back of your head to make sure the kids don't get sideswiped.

A bit excited to be going away

Beds all set and ready to hit the hay.

Buying the essentials from the market (limes for the Vodka!)

Bustling market full of fresh produce and every type of fish you could think of.

Don't ask 'cos I don't know

You don't see this in Saigon due to bird flu.  Fresh poultry.

Upon exiting the market you end up pretty much in the Ancient Town.  The river is on the left.  All up about a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

This was Nick buying some batteries for a toy for Quiddy.  The adoring crowd surrounding them were some local tourists who wanted to touch Scarlett and also were picking their jaws up off the ground listening to Nick speak Vietnamese.

The town is famous for this beautiful little Japanese Bridge.

Back at the hotel.  Boy did we work up a thirst!

Quiddy was not allowed to get his head wet due to the possibility of him getting an infection just before his ear operation on the 27th.  I managed to find this boat in Saigon and he was quite happy.  What a trouper!

Team Sommerville heading up the rear.  Hmmm...blonde and twins.  They did not cause much of a commotion amongst the locals now did they?

Hoi An is equally famous for it's tailoring.  Every second shop is a tailor who can make that suit up in less than 24 hours.  The quality can be a bit hit and miss but I got some really nice stuff (4 dresses) for under $100USD.  Lets hope they don't fall apart when I wash them.

The "sweat shop!"

Will post more pics soon!


  1. This brings back memories from a couple of months ago. We bought Hayden and Alex an art stamp each from the same shop. Christian's suits and pants have so far survived so fingers crossed for yours.


  2. I'm so envious! What airlines did you use?

  3. Hey Grasshopper! It was just as beautiful as we remembered! You stayed at Furama didn't you. Noice!

    Lyra - we flew Vietnam airlines and it cost us about $500 Aus for the 2 adults and 2 kids. Not too bad I thought.

  4. Yeah, we stayed at Furama. Great beach and great resort while still having easy access to Hoi An. Staying in Da Nang also allowed us to experience the crazy taxi/bus rides to Hoi An.


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