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Friday, June 10, 2011

A heart as big as Texas

He really is one special little kid you know.  I try my best not to label the kids and put them in specific boxes but it is impossible not to notice that Quiddy is the "sensitive one".  Don't get me wrong, Scarlett has her moments, but Quiddy is a real thinker and quite deep for a kid.  Some of the things he figures out about life and the way things work astound me.  Just wanted to share a story about his kind heart.  Every morning as we drive to school, right on the corner near the school is a guy who lives on his cyclo. He is there every single morning.  Sometimes awake, sometimes asleep, his cyclo propped up with a stick and all of his worldly possessions shoved underneath.  A few times I have seen him hammering away building something so maybe he fixes things for people.  Who knows.  So I always point him out to the kids and we have a bit of a chat about what his life must be like.  I have spoken to Mr Hai who tells me that particular spot is a good one as there are public wash rooms nearby (he always looks neat) and at night there is a kind of guard box on the corner that a policeman sits in, so it is safe.  We have been discussing some ways that we may be able to help him out a little.  I have been leaving it to the kids to come up with some ideas and Quiddy was very excited this morning.  He had come up with a good one he tells me.  We are going away tonight for the long weekend and he wonders if the man would like to come and live in our house while we were gone.  What a great idea mate.  I'm so proud of you.  Unfortunately I had to explain to him that the man might not be comfortable doing that and he seemed to understand.  I just loved that he thought of it.  Instead we have decided on paying the lady that makes the Pho (soup) across the road at the start of the week to take over a big hearty bowl each morning.  Nothing better that starting the day on a full stomach.  But Quiddy, I like the way your mind works mate.  You will make a real difference in this world.  You have a heart as big as Texas. X

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  1. That was really nice what you did for that man!


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