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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mui Ne

Mui Ne, depending on the speed of your driver, is a coastal town between 3.5 to 5 hrs out of Saigon.  It is 200km's but the road and the traffic are pretty bad.  So the Moggys packed up nice and early and set off on our road trip.  We were meeting a group of friends there and were looking forward to getting out of town for a long weekend.  Mr Hai's car has a DVD player so in Tom and Jerry went...and we were off.
Stopping for a break about 2 hrs in.

Apparently this is the new pose.  She is a flower don't you know?

For Quiddy it was a 5hr DS marathon.

Ahhh, now that is more like it.  I think you can tell by the seafood and the beer...we made it!

The view of our hotel from the beach.  We stayed at Alley Boo.  Nice hotel....SHOCKING service.  

Collecting shells

A spot of fishing

I could not figure out if they were jelly fish or breast implants

What a great night of eating, singing and dancing.  We had a blast kicking back with new friends and old.
God bless them, I don't know how but they slept through it.  Please note...I didn't even manage to get them in their PJ's!

But still up bright and early and ready for another day by the pool.

Lunch at the Sailing Club.  Fanta "spiders" for the kids.

The seafood pasta was beautiful

The beach view from the Sailing Club

Our suite at Alley Boo.  The facilities were pretty good but they really lacked any idea when it came to service.  I'm usually pretty easy going but I'm afraid it was beyond awful.  Would not recommend purely for that reason.

Now this place got it right!  Sankara is a new restaurant/bar not long opened up on the beach.  A really pretty setting and the food was great.

Note the white lights in the background.  Looks like land but it is actually hundreds of squid boats out fishing.  An amazing sight.

Our table of happy campers

My babies.  They LOVED going out every night for dinner.

One....two... three.....


Young Scarlett prefers the pin drop.

Poor little tacker now has an ear infection but he tells me it was worth it!

The look on Quiddys face says it all.  They were screaming to get off after 5 minutes!

Scarlett getting her mango fix

Back to Sankara for lunch

With a view like that and all she wants to do is watch Charlie and Lola.  Go figure.

We however, kicked back and watched the amazing kite surfers do their thing.  Incredible.

Down town Mui Ne.  Pretty quiet.  Boy was it hot though!


  1. Surprised with your comment on Allez Boo. I mean it's a pretty high end resort. Love the seafood in Mui Ne too! And it's nice to walk around the little shops.

  2. Oh God the service was terrible! We came to the conclusion the manager must have been away. The staff played pool all day and when asked for towels for the pool said no because they were in the middle of a game! Lots of little irritating things like paying $2 for a bucket of ice. To say breakfast was barely edible is being kind. Spiral pasta in your pho???? I'm sure there is much better out there. Apart from that we enjoyed our first visit. If only it was not so far away (or my kids would sleep in the car!)


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