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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

Today I was one very proud mumma.  Last weekend I mentioned to the kids that it was time to have a clean out of their toys.  Surprisingly, I was met with little resistance and they chose to donate a MASSIVE bag of toys.  Some of you may recall that I have a bit of a soft spot for the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.  In fact, my wonderful friends and family did some fundraising in 2009 and were lucky enough to donate 25 bikes and helmets to them.  You can imagine my suprise when upon moving to Vietnam to live, the kids school was DIRECTLY across the road from the foundation.  I am a bit of a believer in fate and that sealed the deal for me.  CNCF are dedicated to helping underprivileged children with the hope of helping each child reach their maximum potential. This allows them access to basic care as well as educational opportunities.  Many are without parents and these opportunities are life changing.  Read more about what they do here.  So off we trotted this afternoon with our big bag of toys to learn a little more about how other people sometimes live.  We were met by the lovely Donna who we were lucky enough to have show us around.  80 Very excited kids and babies were met with squeals of delight. I can honestly say the work they do is incredible and I urge anyone living in Saigon to pop in for a visit and throw your support behind a group who really are trying to make a difference. It is very difficult to hand back those little babies with no parents I gotta tell ya.....but don't tell Nick!  So well done Quiddy and Scarlett for being so incredibly generous and giving away your toys (even some of the really good ones!) I am so very very proud of you. X

With the lovely Donna who is one of the many people who work so hard to make the lives of so many kids, better.

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  1. ALL Western kids should do this. You're not only a proud mama, you're a wonderful mama. x


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