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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wholesale Heaven.

I recently found the wholesale market Binh Tay.  Wow!  Is there a shipload of stuff out there!  It is out in District 5 otherwise known as Chinatown.  A bustling market with everything in bulk.  Most vendors were happy to sell one offs but I did have a few say they would not sell to me.  I bought Scarletts new Princess wheelie suitcase out here.  The best I could get them down to at BT market was 300,000VND.  Picked the same one up here for 110,000VND (...and that was the first price, I did not have the heart to argue at that price!)  Well worth a wander around.  Mad but fun.  Oh, and they sell hats.

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  1. Wish Cho Binh Tay wasn't too far. And sometimes, it's difficult to talk to the sellers and they wouldn't want to sell if you're only going to buy just one piece. :(


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