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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pox

Sorry it has been a bit quiet.  This is due to the fact I have not done ANYTHING slightly interesting since Saturday when I was diagnosed with the Chicken Pox.  There has been a lot of feeling sorry for myself but that is about it.  Having already had them as a kid, this dose is not too bad but has certainly wiped me off my feet.  I am told I am one of the unlucky ones who managed to get it twice.  You know what I miss the most?  Hugging my kids.  Did not realise how often we are in each others arms until they have told me not to do it.  So while I sit at home with my ridiculous face mask staring at the tv I might go through some old photos and see if I can find anything interesting to post.  God i'm BORED!!!


  1. Hey - hope you are feeling ok! Think of it as an enforced mental health break! Will catch up with you when we get back from Malaysia. Take care xx


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